New Frames

We spent the day yesterday getting new frames for John Luke.   This boy has had a terrible time getting glasses that work for him.  Some of you may recall that first he got these frames  

Well these just didn’t work out for him.  He kept pulling them off his face .  That in itself is not too bad but he would pop the lens out and you would have to go searching for it where ever he laid it down.  Then he started popping the lens out and putting them in his mouth so Jess decided that was just too much so now he has his new ones.  Well he doesn’t have them just yet.  She picked out his frames yesterday and they will get his lens put in hopefully by the end of the week.

So after the eye appt we had some fun. I used to take Julie and Grace to this same playground after Grace’s eye appointments. This is a great playground. We ate our picnic lunch first then time to play.

John Luke loves to slide.
And being the good big brother that he is, Daniel was always there to help him him get down.  The only problem was, it was just too hot to play very long.  

It was a good day though.  I hope yours was too.  God bless.

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