Paint Update

So here are a few more pictures showing the soot damage from the gas logs.

Isn’t it awful.  As long as I kept everything right where it was it wasn’t so obvious how bad it looked.  But when everything came off the walls, it was YUCKY! I just praise God no harm came to the girls from it. 

We took everything off the walls in the living room and the sitting room because Steve and Bev came back up today to paint some more.  He got the walls in both rooms painted.  YAY!  This above picture shows the difference.   Believe it or not the original color of the wall was light blue, not that strange color you see above the mantle.  

I knew it all looked bad but I guess I just didn’t realize how bad until he started painting.

Just look how beautiful it is now.  

I love it!  All we have to do is paint the trim and both rooms are done.  God is so good. 

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