Thinking of You

Sometimes I really miss you 

And I wish you were here with me 

But then I remember where you are 

And all the glories you now see 

I wonder have you talked to Noah 

And discussed the building of the Ark?

Have you spoken yet with David ?

You know he was a man after God’s own heart. 

Have you spoken to any others

Moses, Joshua or Paul?

Has John told you how it felt

To stand at the foot of the cross?

I think of  all  you could be doing 

But I know exactly where you are 

You are still walking in the garden

With the One who gave it all.

He’s walking and talking with you

And He’s telling you that you are his own. 

This beautiful place that you are in 

Is now your forever home. 

If I ever had the power 

Would I bring you back to Me?

No, no not ever!

Too many glories are now yours to see. 

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