My Week so Far

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that my Hubby loved to make things.  I have proof of that inside and outside of my house.  The thing is there is a lot of maintenance that goes along with all the outside furniture.   Monday morning I started on this project.  The new stain color is called chestnut.  I think it looks really nice. The green swing is finished.  We have 3 picnic tables, another swing, the deck and a little stoop area yet to do.  

My ever present helper.  She is always by my side when I am out.  She brings me sticks all the time to throw for her just in case I want to play.  See the intent look in her eyes.  She’s ready for me to throw.  
While I was working on the stain a friend called and said they had some extra tomatoes if we wanted them.  YAY!  I most certainly did want them.  Ours has provided eating tomatoes but not enough for canning.

We now have 10 pts of salsa, 15 pts of spaghetti sauce and 18 qts of canned tomatoes.   We are very happy.

Homemade soup for supper!

Yesterday I met my uncle Johnny (my dad’s brother)  and his wife Elaine in Christiansburg.   They were on their way through to visit other family.  They live in Michigan.   It was a great visit and I certainly appreciated them taking time out of their traveling for us to get together. 

Today’s work is a little uncertain.   Depending on the weather, we will either be pulling corn and putting it up or 

Going to a friend’s house to help split some wood he is giving us.  Winter is right around the corner and it takes a lot of wood to heat our lovely old farmhouse.  God is so good to provide in all ways.  Enjoy your day.

3 thoughts on “My Week so Far

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  1. I agree that the maintenance is a ton of work! It does feel so good when you you can stand back and see how nice your hardwork makes things work. I know those tomatoes where a blessing. Those will taste good on a cold winter day.


  2. I admire all
    The good things you are able to do. The swing looks pretty and all the tomatoes looked so delicious!! God Bless you – I know you have had a lonely Summer – it takes time for us
    To adapt to having to be without our loved one.


  3. Hey girl! I finally got back in here! I love seeing that by God’s grace and with His strength you all are able to get up and keep things up around your home. smile Keep on keeping on girl! I’m glad you were able to make so much salsa and that you have loved ones that are giving you fire wood for winter. Those are fantastic blessings and we join you in thanking the Lord for that. smile Have a great evening remembering to pray always. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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