Teddy Bear Sunflowers

Grace’s teddy bear sunflowers are blooming.  They are very pretty.   We have been waiting on them all summer.  We definitely want to save seeds from them to plant more next year.  

It has been a busy week, as usual.  I did however stain another swing, the big picnic table and benches and the round picnic table and chairs.  I think they look really good.  I am very happy with the stain color.  

So Thursday we finally got an answer to the big question that has been on everyone’s mind since this little sweet boy came into our lives.  John Luke has always been just a little bit different .  Slow to sit up, slow to crawl, to walk.  After many doctors appointments, many specialists, we finally know.  John Luke has been diagnosed with stage 1 cerebral palsy with global delays.   He will be doing physical, occupational and speech therapy.   Now we have a diagnosis and a plan of attack.  God is good.

On a lighter note, I made my first batch of pumpkin spice muffins this week.  It is starting to feel like fall here.  Temperatures in the lower 40’s at night.  I love it!

Grace found a great deal on these colored pencils on Amazon.  This same set cost about $300 at other art stores.  She got them for $60

She checked this book out from the library so she could practice more bird drawings. 

Well that’s about it for now.  I hope you have a great weekend and God bless. 

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