A Good Week

This week we have had the most beautiful moon.  At night, everything looks so pretty.

We have been pretty busy here this week.  The first of the week was just normal stuff, haircuts, groceries, cleaning vehicles,  things like that.  

We had a picnic with our friends the Horns yesterday evening at Smartview Park.  It was SO nice.  Many deer came by.  They didn’t seem afraid of us at all.  It was fun eating our meal and watching them.

Then today we decided to tackle another building.  We will certainly be glad when all of them are done.  Three more to go!  This is the before picture and …

This is the after picture.  Definitely an improvement.  

Then off to the dump.  YAY!  This old truck sure earns its keep here.  We are so thankful we have it.

Then for fun, we did a little fall decorating.  Something we haven’t done in years.  All in all, it has been a good week.  I hope yours has been a good one as well.  God bless. 

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