Beautiful days

Hello everyone!  We certainly have had a beautiful fall here in Floyd.  Just for fun, I went back through my old blog posts and found the picture below.  It is the same tree as the above picture in Oct. 2010.  It was taken from a slightly different angle though.  

Absolutely beautiful clouds.

Our God is so good.  It saddens me to think people get so busy with their lives they fail to notice His gifts. 

We spent some time working in the garden this week.  Grace gathered her Indian corn she planted.  Isn’t it pretty?

We also found a few peppers left.  I plan on drying them and  making the pepper spice we like.

We are drying a few apples right now.  We love dried apples.  They are such a good snack.

One day this week I helped a friend of mine clean the upper windows in her house.

My last picture.  I took this picture this morning.  Just another gift from the God I love.  Enjoy your day.

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