Beautiful Moon

We have enjoyed a beautiful moon the past few nights. So pretty.

Grace and I went to church then came back to Jess’s for Easter dinner. We had lots of good food. We had ham, rolls, deviled eggs, potato salad and corn. Molasses cookies and a stack cake for dessert. I didn’t get a picture of the table though. I did get a picture of the stack before I took it over.

Grace and I have been busy painting her art room.

We have all the trim finished and about 1/3 of the walls done. It looks so good and she loves it. We are hoping to get it finished today.

I wanted to share a little something that happened yesterday. A lady I have never met before came to see me. She helps some with an elderly lady who lives close to us. They had told her about Julie going to heaven. She wanted to tell me that she had met Julie when Julie was working at the bread basket. Julie was working the cash register that day so they had an opportunity to talk some. She said after talking a few minutes she asked Julie if she knew the Lord. She told me she was so impressed with Julie’s answer. Julie looked directly at her and boldly said “oh yes, I know the Lord”. The lady told me how confidently Julie made the statement. Now to some reading this, this may seem like a small thing but to my mother’s heart it was priceless. Such a comfort. I feel it was a special message from Jesus to help us with our first Easter without her. And to remind us all that we are always witnessing for Him in ways we might not even think about. It’s not always the big wordy sermons that leave an impression, sometimes it’s the small ones.

“Oh yes, I know the Lord.”

God bless.

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  1. Oh such a dear post, Donna.. I can just imagine your mama’s heart as you listened to your friend telling you about your Julie… God is so faithful, isn’t he? I know he will continue to comfort you and give you peace.. i was telling Terry how amazed I am at how you are living your life and putting your trust in Him … Love you sweet sister.. Sometimes when I wake up in the night i lift your name up to Him to give you a sweet sleep… God bless you my friend. xo


  2. What a beautiful picture of the moon. What a wonderful story to hear about your Julie. Praying for you all.



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