Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a good week so far.

We have been having some beautiful sunrises. I love sunrises and sunsets.

Last Saturday, we had lots of riders here on the farm. Dave had worked up this ride as a fun day. Sam however didnt get to ride as he has had an abscessed tooth. He had a round of antibiotics and it was still hurting. Yesterday Jess took him to the dentist and they pulled it. It was very badly infected. After their ride on Saturday, the stomach bug hit the Bates house. It was a rough 4 days for them.

Grace and I plan on working today on her duck lot. One of her mama ducks is supposed to hatch out babies soon. We need to try to make the duck house and lot safe for them. I hope to take some pictures as we work to post.

Grace took this picture of the baby geese on the pond. They had just hatched out. They are so cute.

She also took this picture of wild mustard blooming.

Wild mustard was Julie’s favorite flower. She always said she wanted to get married in the spring and carry a bouquet of wild mustard. Sweet Julie, two months ago today, you went to live with Jesus. You are missed SO much!

God bless.

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