Tree House

So it started with trees and some sawmill lumber. A project!

Then we put the scaffold up.

Ratcheting in the first bolt.

More leverage. And a close up of my finger.

Even more leverage! I think we put in 5 of these bolts!

All the kids had turns.

First board going up. We used sawmill lumber. The frame boards are 2 x 10 and weigh at least 100 lbs. each. We had a hard time lifting them up. The lowest point on the treehouse is 10 ft. The highest is about 12 ft.

Break time.

We started work on this treehouse on Saturday, June 30th. We worked every day until Thursday when Dave had to go back to work. It was 5 hot, humid days. Temperatures in the 90’s.

We made a lot of progress though.

We started again on Saturday morning.

The kids were so happy to finally be getting the floor down.

I just want to take a minute to say what a good man my son in law is. He has put a lot of hard work and money into this treehouse for the kids to enjoy. They have been out there with us every day. He has let them “help”. It takes a lot of love and patience but it is something there will always remember.

That’s me up there!

So we are making the rails out of trees we cut down from their property. This is the first one we cut. It was a little too big for the table saw so Dave had to use the chainsaw. It took a while but he got it done.

In the meantime, this sweet boy is whittling me a garden stake out of a scrap piece of wood.

I love it.

The first rail is up. That’s all until next weekend. The generator ran out of gas and we needed more screws. More updates to follow.

God bless.

2 thoughts on “Tree House

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  1. That is going to some tree house! I love that the kids are so involved in the process. I have a husband like your son-in-law and it makes me love him even more when I see how patient and loving he is with our daughter. Your daughter and her children are blessed!


  2. It looks like all of you had a blast building, working, and just being together…that’s fantastic!smile Thanks for sharing your blessed adventures with all of us.


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