More Canning

Good morning everyone. Look at these beautiful tomatoes. They were given to us by our dear friends, Richard and Brenda. They also brought us a sack of corn. I may can the corn or put it in the freezer, just depends on how our time goes today. John Luke has his speech therapy appointment this afternoon in Roanoke so we’ll just see how our time goes.

I dried some tomatoes this week in the dehydrator.

And some peppers.

I love this. It is very good to add to just about anything.

Sam and Katie came and spent a few hours with us on Saturday. They helped Grace and I pull up all the corn stalks in the garden.

Daniel, Sam and Katie spent some time with Grace yesterday while Jess, John Luke and I met Dave in Cburg. We are having trouble with my phone and he is working with Sprint trying to get it to work properly. The kids love to come spend time with Grace at the farm. They made dirt pudding. That’s what is in the glasses.

So I want to take a moment to share something Sam said the other day. The kids and Jess were discussing Julie and the accident. Jess was talking and said something about we may never know what happened. Sam said “maybe we don’t need to know, Mommy. Maybe it was just between Julie and God”. I so love that boy. Just because I don’t mention Julie’s going to heaven very often on this blog doesn’t mean we all don’t struggle with it every day however out of the mouth of babes comes wisdom to help. God is good.

Now on to other things. I made my first batch of pumpkin bread for the season. It was very good and tastes of fall which will be here very soon.

Speaking of fall, look at this cute fall painting Madison did for us. We love it. Grace and I are trying really hard to wait until September before we put out our fall decorations.

Dave had to make a business trip last week. He was gone for several days which was very hard on this little girl. I love this picture. Total love and devotion on both faces.

Next, Grace saw this huge bear the other day. She was in our yard and looked over at the field. The bear was between the first two corn rows. She got several pictures of it.

We decided no more walking on the tractor road until the corn is cut!

That’s about all for now. God bless.

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  1. The bear is more cute in your back yard than mine. smile/small laugh I like what he said about some things being between God and the person, so true. smile Glad you continue to count your blessings here in blog land, thank you. smile Great job with your drying and spice mixing. Have a great day remembering to count your blessings as you pray always. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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