Sunday Morning

Good morning everyone!

We have been experiencing some really strong storms this week but this morning is calm. Just a little fog.

Tree limbs blown down on Grace’s duck lot.

No major damage though.

Grace and I put up our fall decorations yesterday. She loves fall. This shelf is above her art desk.

We also decorated the mantel.

Madison painted the scarecrow picture.

Fall is such a fun time.

Grace took this beautiful picture in a field on our way home from town. I love the cardinal reds that bloom this time of year. So pretty.

We have been blessed with a few more beans and I have saved a few flower seeds. Still working on the raised beds. I did get one bed planted with turnips yesterday before the rain came.

Grace does a lot of drawing on her computer. This is her latest one. The characters are her creations. One is named Ferkie and the other one is Zolten. The smaller one is Ferkie.

Beautiful sky last night.

I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

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