Grace’s Birthday

Happy birthday, Grace! Madison made Grace this cute birthday cake. She does such a great job.The Horns brought all these cute decorations. It was so much fun.A great bunch of kids.Vicki and QuentinQuentin’s mom and dad. We also had cake on Monday at Jess’s but I somehow did not remember to get pictures.This is the crochet project I am working on right now. I am doing a crochet along with Jennifer at Fiber Flux. I really like watching her channel on YouTube. She explains how to do things really well. This is a new stitch for me. I really like it and all the pretty colors.Jess made this pretty pencil holder for Grace for her birthday. Isn’t it pretty? The yarn and the button came from Canada. Jess participated in a yarn exchange a little while back. This is one of the yarns she got. The yarn is hand dyed and the button is handmade. Very nice.One more picture. Fall is so beautiful. God bless.

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