My Week

Hello everyone! God has certainly given us a beautiful moon this week!

Weather here has been nice all week. Temperatures in the low 50’s. Really good for working outside.

I got quite a lot done in the garden. I redid this block raised bed.

Put these tractor rims in. These were given to me. They will make great raised beds.

Dug these tires out from the fenceline and put them down along the path. I plan to put flowers in them.

Then it occurred to me how much dirt it would take to fill them up so I cut wood pieces to make a barrier so I don’t have to fill up the inside of the tire.

Next I took down my old compost bin. It was coming apart and I want to make something different for compost anyway. It was made of these old pallets. When I took it apart, I thought I could do something with them. So I cut a board to fit the ends of the pallets so the dirt wouldn’t fall out and I am going to use them for spring plants. I know they won’t last too long but I hope to get a few years out of them.

I should say that all of this will have weed fabric under it. Hopefully that will make for less work this summer.

Then I decided to stain the benches I had put up there.

They look SO much better. Hubby made me all these and it brings me much joy to sit in them. I am looking SO forward to the garden this year.

God bless.

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