Garden Update

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I thought I would share a few garden pictures.

Everything is growing very well so far. These are two of the different types of squash I am growing this year.

This is a something called a patio tomato. They are supposed to be good to grow in containers or baskets. It is looking good so far.

We have been harvesting salad things for a good while now. Check out the pretty purple radishes. Fresh salads almost every day. Yum!

My friend Vicki came over Saturday and we finished putting down all the mulch. Well all until I buy more. I absolutely LOVE how the garden is looking.

While the Horns were here, we also burned the huge brush pile from the catawba tree we cut down earlier in the spring. It looks so much better in the field with it gone.

Yesterday, I went with Jess and family to get this girl a new bike. She loves to ride and her old bike had to be replaced due to much use. She picked this one out and, of course, a new helmet to match.

We also got the supplies needed to build this firepit at their house. I think it turned out really nice.

Everything is so green now. This is a picture of our driveway. I love how it looks when it is freshly mowed.

And last, we have had a beautiful moon the last few days.

God bless.

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