Hello everyone! I thought I would share wth you all my latest big crochet project and tell the story behind it.

Just a few weeks before my sweet Julie went to heaven, she picked out this yarn. She wanted me to make her a new “double cover” which is what we call a little extra blanket at the foot of the bed to be used when needed.

I had started making it and was about half way through one skein when she went home to Jesus. I can still see her face when she told me how much she loved the colors!

Last year, I couldn’t even look inside the basket where I kept it. This fall, I decided it was time to do something with it. She would not have wanted it to just sit in that basket serving no purpose. So I undid what I had crochet before and made something new.

I decided to make my first ever shawl. This has truly been one of the hardest things I have ever crochet. Some days I couldn’t even pick it up to work on it. But now it is finished.

I will wrap up in it and remember my sweet girl, the love and joy she brought into our lives. And I will try to focus on all she gained and not all we lost. Death is such a hard thing for us left here. My Julie truly loved Jesus. Knowing her as I do, she’s probably talked nonstop since she got there!

God bless.

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