Good Morning

Guess where we are!!! Ok, I know the picture gave it away but Grace and I are at Jekyll Island.❤

We drove down yesterday. It took us about 10 hours to get here. We ordered our groceries at Walmart and used the pickup service. So unless we want to, we do have to leave the island until Friday morning when we start home!

We got to the rental house about 4:30. We unloaded the car, ate supper and headed to one of our favorite places-Driftwood Beach. Sorry my pictures aren’t the best. It was already getting dark by the time we got there.

The beach was as pretty as ever. There are some changes from hurricane damage but to Grace and I it looked beautiful.

Hopefully I will have lots of pictures to share with you all. At this moment, it is early morning of our first day here. It is raining and very humid outside. We brought umbrellas just in case it did rain. After today though the forecast looks sunny and nice.

Grace and I have been talking about this trip for a long time. We LOVE this place!

Thank you, Lord!

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