Good morning everyone! Just a little update on my seedlings. They are doing very well so far. I started hardening them off today. They will (hopefully) get planted about the third week of May. Usually by then all danger of frost is gone but we’ll see.Another project I’ve been working on. Grace and I want to get baby chicks and baby ducks this spring. As you know, we have had trouble before with critters, especially weasels. This was an old rabbit cage George had built for Julie. As you can tell, it hasn’t been used in years.I thought we some modifications it would work great for the babies.I took it all apart, removed the old wire, cut it down so it would fit through the chicken house door and put new wire on it.It is almost finished. I have three more sides to put the new wire on. I am really pleased with how it has turned out. Baby chicks and ducks coming last of May or first of June!I hope you all have a good weekend God bless.

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