Garden Update

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good week so far. We have been busy catching up. It rained all last week with kinda cool temperatures so we were a little behind on garden and yard chores.

Everything is growing good in the garden. This is our cucumber row. Some of them are blooming! We are definitely looking forward to fresh cucumbers. Last year we probably didn’t get ten cucumbers. Hopefully we will harvest lots of them this year.

The tomatoes are in the lower garden.

On each side of the tomatoes are beans and corn. I planted these about two weeks apart in hope’s of spreading out the harvest. Asparagus bed is at the end of the row.

We have certainly enjoyed our cabbage this year. Only two left!

The peppers finally seem to be growing.

Squash are starting to appear!

The first patch of green beans are getting bloom.

We have been enjoying fresh peas for several weeks now.

The radishes have all gone to seed. I think they make beautiful flowers and did you know you can eat the seed pods. They are delicious!

Blueberries haven’t started to ripen yet but hopefully soon.

Raspberries are ripening! These are such a nice treat.

Well I guess that’s all for now. God bless.

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  1. Great looking garden! Mine has so many unintentional plants (also known as weeds smile) but my little garden is growing well enough. smile I learned this year that my pepper plants don’t want the water that my tomato plants do. My melons don’t want as much water either. smile So, now to figure out how to best garden next year. smile For this year, I will enjoy what the Lord has blessed in our humble garden plot. smile Thanks so much for sharing your beautifully blessed garden. It looks really pretty. smile Have a lovely day. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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