Dave’s Latest Project

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good weekend. Dave has been off on vacation during Christmas so you know we had to have a project! He wanted to make Jess a table for her kitchen. Hubby had oak boards that he had been saving so we decided to use some of them. They had to be planed first but I don’t have a picture of us doing that. Then we had to cut them down to the size we needed.

We started with the table top. We glued it all together using biscuits to help hold it.

Our helpers!

We used epoxy for the table top and tung oil for everything else.

We built the boxes for shoes. The table will sit at the kitchen door which is the door everyone comes in at.

It turned out so nice. I really like it and most importantly Jess loves it. It was lots of fun making it.

God bless!

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