Garden Update

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a few of my garden pictures. In the above picture-cabbage, broccoli, peas and bok choy. Also volunteer asparagus!

Zucchini and tomatoes!

Lettuce, onions and more peas!

Growing potatoes for the first time in these grow bags. So far I really like how they are growing.

Kale, spinach and extra zucchini plant

Cucumbers at the A frame trellis. I really like how this looks.

Another big thing we have new this year is the weed fabric. Dave and the kids came over earlier in the month and we got it put down.

I may change my mind as the summer goes on and the garden grows but right now I love it!

I have pole beans planted on the trellis between the tomatoes. I am planting many different varieties of pole beans to help us decide which one we like the best.

This trellis is all tomatoes. All together we have about 45 tomato plants!!

A small little pepper bloom. I am trying new varieties of peppers this year, Gypsy, Beaver Dam, Ajvarski, and Poblanos.

A beautiful bloom on a Jet Star tomato. This variety did really well for us last year.

I guess that’s all for now. I have much more to show but I don’t want to make this post too long. Many changes to the garden this year and I am loving it!❤

God bless!

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  1. Your garden is doing so lovely! I love all the creative ways you’ve planted your veggies, it is such an exciting time of year. i’ve just gotten my garden in and I am looking forward to a good harvest! You are going to have a wonderful harvest this year 🙂


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