Adventure Time

I spent some time with this handsome young man yesterday. Jess had to take Dave’s mom for a doctor’s appointment. Grace and I stayed with the other kids. She and the older kids played upstairs while John Luke and I hung out together.

One of our most fun things to do is go on adventures. We look for B-17 bombers and army bases. You know, things like that.

We have a bomb ready just in case we need to defend our army base. I am so amazed at his imagination and all the things he can do that we never knew if he would be able to do. Thankful for God’s gifts.

We also spent some time this week helping Jess get her school room(dining room) ready.

I love school books and the freshness of a new school year!

I am working on getting more seeds saved this morning. It has been such a beautiful morning. Temperature was 46 when I got up. It felt so good after the heat we have been having. I love this time of year!

God bless.

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