Good morning everyone! Guess where we are? We are at Jekyll!❤ We left Floyd monday morning about 6:30 and got here at Jekyll about 4:30 Monday evening. It takes about 10 hours to drive here but it is SO worth it. We love it here!

One of the first places we always visit is Driftwood beach.

It is so pretty here!

We are so glad Grace’s friend, Micah, was able to come with us this trip.

Hurricane Ian came through here at the end of last week so Monday and Tuesday were a little chilly. As you can tell we have jackets on. I think it will be warming back up today and tomorrow.

Grace got this cute little backpack at the welcome center. Then we did our walk behind Dairy Queen.

We saw the alligator. He sure has gotten big!

We also saw the bird!

We saw a beautiful sunset yesterday. We went to a new (to us) place on the island to see this sunset. We saw dolphins swimming.

Grace took this picture. My phone couldn’t get a good picture of the dolphin. We went back to Driftwood and Grace took some awesome night pictures.

The moon was beautiful!

I think she has so much talent!

I love these pictures! Thanks Grace!

I took this picture of Grace! I absolutely love it! She didn’t even know I was taking it.

That’s all for now. We have more adventures planned. God bless!

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