Leaves Everywhere


This picture was taken the other day when we went on our hike.  Absolutely beautiful.  Leaves were everywhere.  They sounded so nice when we walked on them.  Of course the batteries died in the camera before I got any other shots but this one is nice.  On our hike we spotted a baby possum walking on a log.  This would have been a great picture but the camera hung useless around my neck because we didn’t think to take extra batteries with us.   Oh well, life goes on.  We had a great hike and enjoyed outside time.  Today is overcast and slightly chilly.  Just enough to need a fire.  George and a friend of ours from church cut wood yesterday afternoon.  We heat this old farmhouse with wood and it takes a LOT of wood.  If the rain holds off we will be splitting and stacking the wood this evening.  Always work to do.  Speaking of work, lunch break is over and time for school.  Gotta go.  God Bless.

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