Bigger Now


My, what a difference a few months can make. Jasper was about 8 weeks old in this picture. The other one was taken this morning. I think he’s grown some, don’t you all? He is drying off from a bath, waiting on the girls to break for lunch so he can play with them. I am not sure how this happened. I’ve never cared for animals in the house. We now have 2 full time cats inside and 1 part time dog. 100_2952

I used to be so strong. Oh well, it’s not too bad. The girls really enjoy them being in. Cold here today. The wind is blowing pretty hard. The fire went out last night and when I tried to build a new fire this morning, the smoke was terrible. I eventually just took the wood out of the stove and left it alone. I would rather be a little cool than have to deal with all that smoke. We have the gas logs on so its not too cold. Hopefully, we will do bible study tomorrow. I am very excitedto begin this study.Esther is such an exciting book to study andI’m sure Beth Moore will bring out things I would never think about. We are hopefullygoing down to Jessica’sthis weekend.Iwant to do some girl stuff.The town she lives in has an excellent Goodwill Store.I love shopping at Goodwill! Iguess I just love thrift store shopping in general, yard sales, consignment sales, etc. Good deals at good prices. Well, lunch break is over. Time for school. Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. It’s Jess. Mom, just to let you know … you have never been that strong at saying no. We (girls) just let you think so 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow

  2. I hope you get to do some treasure shopping this weekend! It is so fun to look for things in the thrift stores. I hope you are having a lovely day!


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