My Special Boy


Miss you, already!  We are back from our visit.  The weather was beautiful, 58 degrees when we left this afternoon.  Pretty nice here too, 45 degrees.  The sun is shining and lots of snow has melted.  We actually have a front yard now.  Our little man was sick this weekend.  He has the same thing Julie and Grace have had.  YUCKY!  However,  as we were playing in his toy room this weekend, he looked up at me and said “I love you, MawMaw”.  Well of course my heart melted.  I have tried since he began talking to get him to say that, and just like that he says it.  No prompting from me, nothing.  Just straight from his heart to mine.   Everything in God’s time.  That of course was the highlight of my trip.  We had lots of great food to eat, did some shopping.  I found the girls a dress for piano recital at Goodwill.  Could not find shoes though.  Hopefully we will find some before the recital.  It’s time for us to leave for church.  I just wanted to share with you all my sweet words from my special boy.  Take care and God bless.

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  1. I’m so glad that y’all got to come see us this weekend. It was so much fun finding all of the newborn clothes. In just 14 more weeks we’ll all get to see the little guy that will be wearing them. God is good to bless us three times with this gift . See you soon. Oh, and Daniel misses you too.


  2. Have to love that boy. I hate to say he is running a fever this morning and will probably have a doctors visit today. We enjoy the time we have when you guys come down. It is always a lot of fun. Washing the vehicles this weekend made me feel like I was cheating on winter. 🙂


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