We have lived here on the farm for 7 years.  This is the first snake we have ever seen.  There have been a few water snakes at the pond but never one close to the house.  Now I know this is a black snake and many people think they are good to have around.  I am not one of those people.  The only good snake I have ever seen is a dead one.  This snake was at the door to the canning building when Grace went to put the applesauce up.  She came running down and Dad went to the rescue.  Thanks Babe!  I think this is probably the biggest snake I have ever seen.  Now Shadow (our old dog) was resting in the shade when all this took place.  I guess he knew Hubby could handle it. 

The girls and I had fun at town today.  No great deals to write about though.  I saw a few dresses at Goodwill but nothing really caught our eyes.  The girls used their chore money to purchase a new game for the Nintendo DS.   They are really good about saving up their money to purchase things they want.  We think it is better for them to work for things like that, then they appreciate them more.  It teaches them how to manage their money, set goals and attain them.  Good life lessons. 

Enjoy your evening and God bless.

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