My Yard Sale Find



On our way home from Grayson Highlands Saturday, we stopped at a yard sale.  This is what I found.  I know it needs some work but I got it at a really good price-$5.00.  I figure my Hubby can do some repairs and it will look great.  I need to find a belt for it.  Hopefully, this will not be too hard to find. 

This week is Bible School at church so things have been really busy.  We have to leave around 6:15 P.M. and don’t get home until around 10:00.  This makes for a long but fun evening.  We start on Sunday and go through Thursday.  The first night we had 11 kids, last night 19.  As I have said before we are a small church-few in number but large in our love of the Lord.

Hubby has some days off this week, so he has started a project.  We want to box in half of our back porch, move the washing machine and dryer in this new room.  We also plan on putting a half bath in there too, as we only have one bathroom.   All this means a really busy week here. 

Time for lunch.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

2 thoughts on “My Yard Sale Find

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  1. I like your yard sale find. I have enjoyed using my White treadle machine. Some friends from chuch gave me mine. I also have a Singer one that my husband picked up 16 years or so ago for $20.00.

    My husband made a belt using some stuff from work (not sure what it is called). You should be able to find something online, or if you have a sewing machine repair shop.

    Have a great day. Our VBS isn’t until the end of July.



  2. I love your new sewing machine! I can’t wait to see it in real life 🙂 I thought I would enjoy a nice quiet evening at home, but I MISS MY BABIES!!! Dogs are not the same. The kids have so much fun at Bible School. Lynette does a great job!


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