More Spaghetti Sauce


Yesterday we had 12 more quarts of spaghetti sauce.  I think this will be all the spaghetti sauce we make unless we have lots more tomatoes.  I want to make salsa and maybe try our hand at ketchup.  We also usually just can tomatoes and tomato sauce for use in soup and chili.  Temperatures here have been hot and humid.  Low to mid 90’s. 


Jess talked to her mother-in-law yesterday and she said the name of this apple is Scarlett Apple.  She thinks she ordered the tree from Stark Bros.  I typed it in on Google and found all kinds of information about it.  Very interesting.

Today is bible study day so I better get busy.  We have decided to do it at Barbara’s house.  It is so hot here and Barbara has air conditioning.    Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. I am thinking about making ketchup as well. However, I need to do tomatoes, tomato juice, and salsa first. Then if I have tomatoes left I can try other things.

    Have a great day. We are suppose to be in the upper 90s the rest of the week.



  2. Pretty sure those are our Scarlet Surprise Apples! 🙂 I work with Stark Bro’s, and we have the brightly red-fleshed Scarlet Surprise: is virtually every part of the tree (leaves, bark, etc.) colored with a reddish tint? Amazing to see so many fresh apples this early in the season!

    Oh, and the pictures of your green grapes a few posts down got me very excited. 🙂 I just planted my own grapes this spring (first-time Grape Grower) & have high hopes of adventuring into some homemade wine in a year or two. I hope I can grow mine to look as nice as yours!

    Pleasure to read your blog, blessings!



    1. Hi Meg,

      Thanks for the comment.
      Those are Scarlet Apples from Stark Brothers. My mom bought the tree about 10 yrs ago. It has been one of three Stark Brother trees she has and it always bears a lot of apples. We are only hoping that it will have a little more this year as Donna picked it clean 🙂



  3. I bet Barbara’s house is close to ours. I wish I would have asked you guys to come by! Of course you know you can come anytime. 🙂


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