The girls and I took the morning off from school to dig our potatoes.   If we did not count wrong, we had 8 drywall buckets of potatoes.  YEAH!  I think homegrown potatoes are so much better than store bought.  But then I think everything homegrown is better.  The temperature here is still chilly.  Around 50 degrees.   Feels like fall.  I guess I will have to build another fire this evening.  The girls and I also gathered about 2 gal. of peppers this morning.  We just gathered them all as it is sure to frost here soon. 

I think tonights menu will be hot roast beef sandwiches with green beans.  Maybe some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Take care and God bless.

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  1. Those look like some nice potatoes. Homegrown potatoes are nice. We generally have enough to where we only buy them for about a month or so until our next harvest is ready.

    We are going to have bbq pork sandwiches tonight. I need to get some buns made.

    Have a great evening.



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