I thought I would share a picture of my rolls. Always before I have put them on a cookie sheet to bake. When I do this, I get 13-15 rolls. Over the weekend, I tried something different and put them into 3 round cake pans. I get 21-24 rolls using these pans and I think they look and taste better. Yesterdays supper was fried chicken, home canned corn, and gravy. With of course, these rolls.

We worked on the apples some more yesterday. I canned this juice instead of freezing it. Freezing it is much easier but, Praise the Lord, my freezers are getting full. I have to save some space my the deer my Hubby will be getting. Notice my positive thinking! Anyway, we got 5 qts of juice and 2 qts of applesauce. Hopefully, we will be doing more today.

I am trying out a new recipe for apple muffins for breakfast. Thanks Cheryl for sharing. They have just came out of the oven. I think I will go enjoy them. Take care and God bless.

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0 thoughts on “Rolls

  1. The rolls look very good. I need to make some today to go with our soup. Our fried chicken was very good last night as well.

    Have a great day.


  2. Those rolls look so delicious! Do you have the recipe posted somewhere on your blog?

    I have enjoyed your posts and all your lovely fall scenery! It is so pretty at your house! I look forward to seeing a picture of your laundry room; it sounds like it is almost finished! 🙂

    Sweet blessings, Donna!

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