Hard Worker


We start them working young around here.  Daniel was a big helper Friday as PawPaw, MawMaw and Daddy worked cutting wood.  He rode in the “bumpy truck”.  He was a very tired, very dirty, little boy at days end but definitely a very HAPPY little boy.  He had so much fun and I considered myself blessed to be part of his fun day. 

They have been visiting since Thursday and we had a wonderful visit.  Dave and Hubby went to shoot sporting clays Thursday and Saturday.  We worked on the wood Friday.  David will need to go back to work tomorrow to rest.   We have been having beautiful weather here in Floyd.  Friday, when we were cutting the wood, we worked in short sleeves most of the day.  Temperature was in the mid 50’s.  Unbelievable but great.  Temperature today is 40 degrees.  It is a little overcast with some sun and a slight breeze.  So much better than last week (in my opinion).

I think I will go enjoy some of that sunshine.  Take care and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Hard Worker

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  1. Sunshine sure is nice in the winter time. We have sun but are only in the mid 20s. It looks like your grandson had fun “working” with you all. You warm yourself twice with cutting your own firewood. I don’t like cutting firewood in the summer time.

    Have a great afternoon with your family.



  2. Cute picture. You are going to have Daniel thinking that work is fun 🙂 It probably was 😉

    It is going to be SO hard when those below zero wind chill days come back.

    I hope you all are coming over tomorrow to visit and eat lunch.



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