Remembering Summer


I thought we might all enjoy looking at some summer pictures.   I think I like summer better than winter but thats just my personal opinion.

Yesterday was kinda exciting for me.  I sold 6 dishcloths and a little girl apron! YEAH!   Makes me want to get busy making more.  I think the next two I make will be waist aprons instead of full aprons.  I want to see how they sell.  They seem to be pretty popular. 

School today as usual.  Tomorrow is Ladies bible study.  This week we are studying Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary of Bethany.  This has  been a really good study guide so far.  I would definitely recommend it.  Tonights menu is London Broil, homefries, green beans, homemade rolls and banana pudding for dessert.

Time for school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Remembering Summer

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  1. Way to go on selling the apron and dish cloths. It will be interesting to see if the waist aprons sell. I personally prefer the full apron as I make messes.

    Your supper sounds wonderful. We are having barbecued pork sandwiches.

    Your picture has made me dream of summer. All the green grass and the garden. Have a great day.



  2. I bet the little girl aprons are going to sell so good. Makes me want to make some dishcloths but I know I would get bored with it before I finished one. I do think I want Mom to show me how to make the baby afghans that she does. I have a popcorn stitch afghan that she gave me back in the summer that I need to get out. I have been meaning to show it to you. Maybe I will put it on my bed. I hope you guys get to come on Sunday. James is going to bring a Lorraine cake. Chocolate with white icing.


  3. Oh that picture does make me wish for warmer weather to get here! Love the picture! So glad you sold some dishcloths and apron. Where do you sell them at? Hope you have a great ladies bible study tomorrow 🙂


  4. OH, Mrs. Donna. If you and your husband have worked with leather a good bit I would like to see any projects that you have done. We are just beginning our leather adventure. My Children are enjoying it and I am finding that my skills and their desire is not matching up. 😉 I am on a steep learning curve.


  5. Oh, for the sweetness of summer ~ a lovely picture! That is awesome that you sold some dishcloths and an apron! I am so happy for you, Donna! It inspires me!

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  6. That green in the picture has me longing for spring. I’m not a fan of summer (heat that is) but LOVE the fact that everything is green, my favorite color!

    You have a beautiful place. Reminds me of my husbands birthplace in W VA. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Matthew 6:33


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