An Old Leather Project


This is a picture of an old leather book bag I made when I was in college.  It is roughly 35 years old (I guess I am really telling my age now).  As you can see, it gets a lot of use.  I’m not even sure what the stain is at the bottom but its been on it for a very long time.  I used to work a lot with leather.  I have made purses, moccasins, walets, lots and lots of belts.  Hubby also has done lots of leather work.  He more than me actually.  He used to run a leather shop, back when we were younger.  He made a knife sheath for our old pastor about 2 years ago.  Other than that we have not done leather work in many years.  We do still have our tools though.  We have talked some about getting them out and working some with the girls.  Teaching them how to make things.  Leather is just so expensive but I think it would be lots of fun.


This is a picture I did.  Once again, many years ago.  I won 2nd place in a craft fair with it.   Looking at these reminds me of how much fun working with leather is.  Well, so much for my walk down memory lane. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “An Old Leather Project

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  1. Thank You so much Mrs. Donna for showing me some of your projects. They are extremely beautiful. The stamping is just gorgeous. Nice looking stain too.

    I am going to send my Mom over to look when she gets off her trip. I am sure my Mom and Dad would love to see.

    The Little Lady is doing her second little purse. I get most of our stuff already pre-cut from the Tandy stores because my Parents are so far away.


  2. That is beautiful. My Grandad and my uncle worked with leather. I have a few things that they made for me and I enjoy them.

    Have a great afternoon with your family.



  3. Wow, you do really good! I bet it would be fun doing a belt.

    The kids and Quentin are still taking coughing spells. I want to say it is just a lingering cough and they’re not contagious but that could be because we really want to see you on Sunday. 🙂 I will talk to you tomorrow.


  4. I think leather working looks like fun. I have a long list of things I want to try working on this year ~ I think I need to get busy! 🙂



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