Finished Health


We are finished with health!  Isn’t that great?  The girls decided yesterday that since we were so close to being finished, they would just work on through to the end.  (This decision was made all on their own, I didn’t even suggest it)  I think that is amazing in itself but so typical of homeschool kids. 

Today is a very nice day.  Lots of sunshine.  Temperatures are in the low 40’s.  Amazing!  I have clothes on the line, I love it.  The girls and I have been walking down to the barn to get milk this week.   Today’s walking should be fairly nice except for the mud.  I know, complain, complain.  But I really do not like walking in mud.  Good exercise though. 

Tonights menu will be kielbasa with sauteed mushrooms, onion, garlic and green peppers served over brown rice.  I haven’t decided what to have for dessert yet , maybe a peach cobbler.  I have made little progress on the matching aprons.  I am very frustrated with myself.  I made an unfixabe error on the little girl apron.  I will have to transform it into a doll apron.  At least, it will be usable for something.  Well, that’s how you learn, I reckon. 

I hope you all have lots of sunshine today and warm temperatures and that you are able to go outside and enjoy the beauty of the day.  God bless.

3 thoughts on “Finished Health

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  1. Way to go, Julie and Grace! We are still working through fifth grade A Beka Health. Maybe I can “borrow” your sixth grade 😉 Madison has one more lesson and final test in Language B so she will start Language C the week after next. I was looking at LifePac language 6 but I just don’t like it as good as A Beka.

    Today is so pretty. Your meal sounds yummy! Sorry about your little girl apron. Mistakes are frustrating! You will figure them out though!


  2. Way to go for your girls. It is nice to get a subject done. Your supper sounds great. I haven’t bought any kielbasa in a long time. I should put that on my menu.

    Have a great weekend with your family.



  3. We had tempts up to 75 today. But next week the highs will be back to the high 30’s. We always have yo-yo weather in the deep South (MS). I know your girls were glad to get health done with. We do not have health yet with our schooling. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday 🙂


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