Busy Days

We have been very busy this week.  Dave, Jess, and boys came up for a visit.   We have been watching the boys while she had some business to take care of.  The first evening they were here, part of her back tooth broke off.  She has been in quite a lot of pain from this.  She has a dentist appt. tomorrow to get it checked.  We will be going down in the morning to watch the boys while she gets this taken care of.  I’m not sure but we might stay a few days so Hubby can put up the chair railing in her livingroom.

Temperatures here have been very nice-warm, sunshine, and just a slight breeze (20 mph wind).   Daniel has had so much fun playing outside.  He has “helped” MawMaw with all her work.  He is quite an eager helper.    Sam, of course, has helped too.  He is crawling now and loves to get into everything, especially places where he is not supposed to.    I love MawMaw time.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

3 thoughts on “Busy Days

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  1. Oh, I know what she is going through. I will pray for her. How fun to spend time with all.

    After our nice weather yesterday the wind picked up during the evening. It is colder today and not so nice. Enjoy your weather.

    Have a great day.



  2. Have fun and enjoy your MawMaw time! We need some time together soon. Quentin is off Sat, Sun, and Mon. and tonight is his last night at Dominos. We were planning on staying at Claytor in a cabin this weekend but I don’t want to if it’s going to rain 😦 Let me know when you get back.


  3. Oh, hope she can get her tooth fixed. I’ve had that happen before. So glad your having a great time with your grandbabies.


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