More Daniel and Sam


So here are the other pictures I could not get to load yesterday. 


Today we are getting much needed rain.  The fog has already come in so it promises to be a dreary day here in Floyd, a good day for a inside project. Temperature is about 35 degrees.  Hopefully, this will all be rain.   I am hoping next week to get some outside work done here.  All the trees and bushes need trimming, along with the grapevines.   We also need to do some cleanup in the blackberries.  Not my favorite job.  The thorns are hard to work with but it has to be done if we want to enjoy the berries.   I love outside work.  In my opinion, so much more fun than cleaning house.   I am already looking forward to enjoying  fresh fruit and veggies. 

I added a little bit to my menu  last night.  One of our favorite things to eat in the spring is wilted lettuce and green onions.   Hubby likes pinto beans with his.  So I purchased some fresh baby greens at the store, put a little chopped onion on top.  Then I heated olive oil  (shameful but I did not have bacon grease).  Next step is to pour some of the hot oil on top of the greens and onions, then top it off with pinto beans.  A big chunk of cornbread finished it up.    It was not as good as it would have been fresh from our garden but it definitely was good.  

Enjoy your weekend and God bless.

4 thoughts on “More Daniel and Sam

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  1. Cute, sweet pictures!

    My mom and dad always did the same thing to their leaf lettuce. She would always save me some with no grease 🙂

    We are heading out in a bit to look at the chickens. The man Quentin talked to said he had a h*** of a lot of chicks and bunch of d*** bantys. This should be fun-ha!


  2. More great pictures. I love the face Sam is making. I have never had wilted greens.

    We are having rain today. Harold is at an auction to see if he can get a tractor tire. His tires need to be replaced.

    Have a great day.



  3. Such cuties ! And look at those blue eyes! I know you are such a proud mawmaw of them. Have a great week 🙂


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