Here are a few of the turtle pictures we took while at Pandapas Pond the other day.


They were pretty skittish so we had to sneak upon them to get the pictures.


Grace did a great job! 


A beaver lodge on the pond.  Several geese were resting on top of it. 

We have several things planned to work on today.  Rain is in the forecast though so we may not get any of it done.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  I am going to use the remainder of the pork tenderloin this evening to make bbq sandwiches for supper.  I have enough rolls left from last night to use for buns.  I think I will do homesfries and coleslaw with it.  I like to cook enough meat to make several meals from it.  This makes it a little easier I think.  We have dentist appointments tomorrow in Roanoke, then we are going to Sam’s Club to pick up a few things.  After that, we are going to pick out Grace’s frames for her new glasses.  The Horns are supposed to come by tomorrow evening  to visit.   YEAH!  It has been a while since we have got to visit. 

I better get busy.  Hubby and I are working on a big outside project.  I’ll try to show pictures next time I make a post.  Anyway, he is wanting to get started so that hopefully we can get some of it done before it starts raining.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Turtles

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  1. Great turtle pictures! I think I want one 🙂

    I hope you all get a lot done today before the rain. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow evening!


  2. I love the pictures of the turtles. Grace did a great job. We have had a beaver in our ditch. We had to put a hot wire down where it would climb up to “chop” our trees down.

    Have a great day with your family.



  3. She did a great job taking the turtle picture! It looks like they were enjoying the sun on their shells 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day there.
    Cary Ann


  4. What great pictures! I love the turtles they are so cute. I hope you are able to get everything done you have planned. I’m glad you will get to have a nice visit with friends!



  5. We use to sneak up on turtles to great pictures too.

    The pork tenderloin bbq sandwiches sound really good.

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your projects.


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