Pandapas Pond


Yesterday we decided to take the day off from school.   Hubby had to run a few errands in Blacksburg.  This little pond is close to B-burg so we thought it would be a nice to have a picnic and hike around the pond.  We had a really fun day.


This is one of the side trails you can walk on.  We stayed on the main trail that goes around the pond.


We saw lots of ducks and geese.  Also turtles.  I will show the turtle pictures and some more of the scenery tomorrow.   Temperature is so nice here this morning.  The birds are singing beautifully.  I have bread rising and a pork tenderloin roast ready to put in the oven for supper.  I think it is going to be a good day. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “Pandapas Pond

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  1. Looks like a lovely hike and no snow:) Ours is quickly leaving…
    Oh, I checked your postings about the juicer.. Thanks so much.
    I am going to look into getting one…


  2. Those are beautiful pictures. How fun to take a day and go on a picnic. I love the colors of the ducks. Look forward to seeing pictures of the turtles.

    Have a great day with your family. I need to get some bread rising.

    Have a great day.



  3. I am glad you had run yesterday! We love that pond too. I am pretty sure our ducklings will grow up to look like those.

    Your supper sounds so good. We are going to have taco salads.


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