A Cozy Corner


This is a corner in what we call the “sitting room”.  It is a wonderful place to sit and read or look out the window and just rest.  Remember yesterday when I said our wind was not too aggressive, well, that certainly did change.  By lunch, we had 40 to 45 mph wind.  By afternoon, 50 mph and by the time we went to bed 65 to 70 mph.   Needless to say, we did not get any outside time.  Too windy.  We did walk down to the barn to get milk.  It was just too much wind to do anything.    Before we went to bed the rain started.  It rained most of the night with lots of lightning.   When we got up this morning, our temperature was 51 degrees.   In less than 2 hours, our temperature has dropped down to 36 degrees.  Big change.  I may soon have to build a fire.   Hopefully, things will warm up after today.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “A Cozy Corner

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  1. It looks like a very cozy corner. What a lovely view from the window.

    The is strong wind. Do you normally get that strong of wind? Have a great day with your family.



  2. Your sitting room does look so cozy. We should sit in there sometime 🙂 I never noticed that plant before but I like it.

    We got the strawberry beds weeded yesterday and I got the weeds out of the sidewalk for the second time this spring 😦

    I haven’t been out since 7 so I am getting ready to find out how cold it has gotten!! Gotta potty the dog.

    I hope you all are having a great week!


  3. Ohhh. Such a comfy cozy sitting area. I bet it is a lovely place to read a book!

    We have had some wind blow in around our place too. Then rain, rain, rain!


  4. That is a cozy reading area! And I agree with cheryl, that is a beautiful view form your window! We had that kind of weather at our house yesterday too (around dinner time) so it must of blew up your direction. Hope you have a great day today 🙂


  5. Good Morning… I think the wind must have kept on coming up into Eastern Canada.. smile..
    It was very windy but I love it and it will help get rid of our snow..
    I love a cozy nook to sit and read or whatever.. Looks very sweet…
    Have a lovely week, dear…


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