These beautiful yellow birds are one of my favorites.  For years, I tried to get them to come into my feeders with no success.  I bought the expensive thistle seeds that they are supposed to love.  They were not interested.  Then David’s grandmother, Doris, told me to buy the black oil sunflower seeds.  Not to buy the wild bird mix, just the sunflower seeds.  That was several years ago and she was absolutely right.  We get all kinds of birds at our feeders and all I ever use is the sunflower seeds.  Today was the first spotting of the goldfinch.  Isn’t he breathtaking?  I love the cheerful yellow of his feathers and of course their song is so pretty.  We have had several male and females at the feeders all day.  If you look closely you can see the sunflower seed in his mouth. 

Grace is feeling some better and so far she is the only one sick.  Thank you all for your prayers.  Today our thermometer says 70 degrees!!!!  I am so happy!  After school, we plan on cleaning the inside of the car before taters start growing in there.  Just kidding, its not that bad but it does need a good cleaning. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. You are so blessed! We get gold finches here in the winter when they are not so colorful. They leave when the temps. start going up ;-(

    Ours liked (LOVED) thistle seed but I resorted to the black sunflower seed because of the thistle expense. They could go through 5 lbs. of thistle in 2 days!

    Have a great day in THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33


  2. What a beautiful bird. I do like the goldfinch also. I will have to remember that on the black sunflower seeds.

    Glad that Grace is doing better. Have a great afternoon and evening with your family.



  3. I think they are my favorite too. We have been watching them on our front porch for a few days now. How do you tell if they are male or female?

    I am so glad Grace is feeling better!!


  4. We get them in the winter at our house and like Amanda said..they are not bright yellow during the winter months. Isn’t that strange? We only feed our feeders with the sunflower seeds too. Glad Grace is feeling better and the rest of you have not caught it.Hope you enjoy your weekend and warm weather 🙂


  5. Thanks for the tip on the black oil sunflower seeds ~ we will have to try that.

    Everything looks so so beautiful around your house!

    Blessings on your weekend,


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