Blue Bird


Yes, I know, I have another bird picture but I couldn’t help myself.  He and the Mrs. come every morning to our catawba tree.  They swoop down get a bite of something and go back up to their limb.  It is always entertaining to watch.  Sorry about the flash glare that is present in his eye.  I did not know how to correct that.  Anyway, the picture shows how brilliant his color his.

We had some major storms come through here last night.    Jess called to tell us we had a tornado warning for our area.  Thank the Lord, that didn’t happen.  We did have lots of lightning and some rain.  This morning is calm but the fog is very thick.  Grace tells me she likes fog so today will be her kind of day.  We are supposed to go do our annual spring cleaning at church today.  I’m not sure if we will still be doing it or not.  We could clean inside but I don’t think we will be doing any outside cleaning. 

Yesterday we went to pick up Grace’s new glasses.  We did a little shopping in Sam’s and then came on home.  I didn’t want to overdue as Grace is still not back to 100 percent.  Hopefully today she will be feeling much better.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.

4 thoughts on “Blue Bird

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  1. What a great picture. I love bird pictures. The color of him is amazing.

    I have been in a few tornado warnings in Michigan and I don’t like them. So glad that you are all safe. I hope that Grace continues to heal and will be back to her normal self quickly.

    Have a great weekend with your family.



  2. You did a great job taking the birds pictures. I have tried to take pictures of birds but mine never come out good at all. How scarey to have a tornado warning. I go into panic attack when they call for those here. We have a storm house we go get in. I am so glad you all were safe through it and had no touchdowns. I hope you all have a good day at your church spring clean up.
    Cary Ann


  3. Hi Donna.. love the bluebird… I have not heard of that kind of tree before… We do not have tornadoes here… Snow storms, though…
    Thank God you are all safe…


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