Whoopie Pie


The other day the girls and I made something new.  New for us anyway.  We made whoopie pies.  To my remembrance I have never even eat a whoopie pie much less made one.  It was very good though and I plan to make more.  I got the recipe from another blog http://holcombhappenings.wordpress.com/  She has so many good recipes.  We are getting lots of rain and wind today.  I was hoping for nice weather as we are going to visit my uncle today.  He and his wife live in Michigan.  They are down to visit her stepmother who is in a nursing home in Salem.  Salem is close to us so we plan on meeting them at the nursing home for a quick visit.  We wanted to meet at a little park in Salem but weather is not cooperating.  We will just have to visit somewhere else.  I am certainly looking forward to seeing them.  The last time we saw each other was about 10 years ago.  Much too long. 


I thought you all might enjoy this picture.  Maple trees are one of the first to bud out here.  Another sure sign of spring.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Your whoopie pies look great. I hope that you enjoy your visit with your aunt and uncle. We worked outside this morning and finished up just as the rain came in.

    Have a great day.



  2. We so enjoyed our visit with you and your family. It had been MUCH too long! We are safely back in MI….a windy drive but no rain. My co-worker texted me and said we are having a winter weather advisory tonight…snow and sleet. It’s been a long winter here in MI :(. Keep us updated with your life with your blogs 🙂


  3. A lovely picture! It is a very pretty Maple Tree. I see the cows enjoying the day as well.

    We have a saying around here: when the cows all lay down the weather is coming in and it is going to be bad. I don’t know if it was true but before the storm came in the other day they sure were rolling around in the dirt. 😉

    Thanks for the cooking site. I am really trying to find some new recipes.


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