Snowball bloom


We have a very small snowball bush that was given to us last year by a friend from church.  I was not sure it would survive the winter but it did and now has one beautiful bloom on it.  It also has several new starts coming up from the root.  Next year we are hoping for lots of bloom.

Yesterday the girls and I went to big town.  We needed chicken feed and a few other things.  We went to Books-A-Million, which is a big treat for us.  We used to have one in Christiansburg but they moved to Blacksburg.  The girls had some money they had been saving.  They each bought a new book with their money.  I found this documentary in the bargain DVD basket.   I am thinking of using it some for next year’s history course.


We have had several days of fog and rain.  Today, though, the sun is peeking through the fog.  Hopefully the weekend will be nice.  Dave, Jess, and the boys are supposed to come up for the weekend.  Our church is having a clay shoot tomorrow.  Dave is going with Hubby to shoot and the rest of us are going to a big yard and craft sale here in Floyd.  We hope to picnic Sunday and celebrate Hubby’s birthday.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

4 thoughts on “Snowball bloom

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  1. Good Morning, Donna… I see all is well in your world.. I love book stores and fleemarkets.. Sounds like a lot of fun… Your snowball tree is so pretty..
    Have a great weekend with your family..
    As you probably noticed blogger is off line for some reason for the second day… oh well…


  2. I love snowballs! How exciting to have a blossom this year ~ beautiful! Sounds like a lovely weekend for you! Enjoy the times with your family!



  3. What a beautiful bloom. I don’t think I have seen any of those around here. The DVD looks like it would be good.

    Have a great weekend with Jess and her family.



  4. We went to Tractor Supply the same day to get animal feed. Too bad we didn’t run into each other! I think that is going to be a great dvd.

    Hope you had/are having a wonderful weekend!


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