Little Tomatoes


Aren’t they so cute!  These little guys are on the big tomato plant we bought.  Makes my mouth water just looking at them.  Today has been dry at least.  No rain.  We were able to hang clothes on the line.  YEAH!

We received a wonderful blessing yesterday.  Billy gave us a quarter of a beef.  You will notice on my canning log a new entry.  Thank you, Lord.  My computer is out of commission-so sad.  Dave says he thinks it is the hard drive.  I will be using Hubby’s computer for a while.  I miss my computer already.  Hopefully, we will be able to get it fixed before too long.

Time to take one of the canners off.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

4 thoughts on “Little Tomatoes

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  1. They’re making my mouth water too. I hope we get lots of sunshine soon so they will grow big and juicy. So sorry about your computer. Maybe it won’t be down very long. You sure got lots of canning done today! Have a great Friday!! 🙂


  2. Those look so good. What a blessing to get some beef. Did you can the meat in chunks? Did you can some ground beef last year?

    Have a great day.



  3. Hi Donna.. What a wonderful blessing to be given the beef… I am wondering why you would can it instead of freezing.. Is it better?


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