Mr. Frog


Check out the size of this frog.  He is huge!  He was soaking up the sun yesterday afternoon in front of our car when we were leaving for piano practice.  We, of course, could not resist taking a picture of him.

Yesterday was a nice day.  Temperatures were in the lower 70’s with sunshine.  My plants looks (maybe) just a little better but I do not think they will make it.  The tomatoes look strong but the cucumbers look the worst.  The squash may be okay-not sure yet.  Lesson well learned.  I suppose it was too hot when I transplanted them.  Maybe if we had waited until the sun went down to transplant them, it would have made a difference.  Not sure.

We had a nice visit with the Horn’s yesterday.  We ate pizza and a strawberry crisp she had made from her fresh strawberries.  It was delicious.  We walked around her yard looking at all her flowers that were up.  Her chicks and ducks.  Everything.  I love doing that.  Just walking around with her looking and talking.  I am so thankful she is my friend.

We hope to finish science this weekend.  We are on our last definitions.  Today looks to be nice.  The sun is shining.  The garden is still too wet to work in but we have plenty of other things to do.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. That frog is huge. The girls keep looking for tadpoles in our ditch, but haven’t seen any yet.

    How fun to spend time with friends. I hope that your plants survive. Harold did transplant ours in the evening. We have had some bugs or birds eat a few of the leaves on the tomatoes. Not sure if they will survive.

    Have a great day with your family.



  2. He’s so BIG! I’ve never seen one that size around here. It may be because our dogs LOVE to eat frogs!

    Have a blessed Tuesday in THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33


  3. That is a huge frog! We have so many toads that I can’t stand it. I can’t remember using the “H” word much but just yesterday I said that I h*** toads 🙂 Don’t even try to go outdoors after dark!

    I hope your plants perk up as the days go by. It sure has been a hard spring to get a garden going.

    I am so very thankful to have you as a friend! Time passes too quickly when we are together! I asked Quentin to get the Sunday off for Julie’s birthday and I will remind him again tonight.


  4. Ok so maybe it’s just because I’m just a “girlie girl” but that picture is just …ewww !! Daniel would have loved it but his Mama not so much


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