Around the House


I thought I would show you all a few pictures of around our house.  This picture is one of the old walnut trees that is in the yard.  The faithful horse you see has survived Julie and Grace and is now being enjoyed by grandchildren.


This picture is looking out my dining room window.


As you come down our driveway, this is one of the first things you see.  Hubby built the bench a few years ago.  The swing was one purchased from Wal-Mart.  When the cloth seats gave out, Hubby made a wood swing to hang on the frame.  Can you tell we love to sit outside here?


This picture looks up into the field from the side yard.  You can see our grapevine and garden.  Well, I have a few more pictures but they will have to wait for another day.  Time for us to leave for church.  Tonight’s menu is meatloaf, mac & cheese, corn, rolls, cole slaw, cooked apples and watermelon.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

4 thoughts on “Around the House

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  1. I love the swing. It looks so inviting. I could find myself sitting there.

    Have a great evening at church.



  2. Well if I was closer to where you live, I’d drop by and we could sit and have a nice converstaion and some tea. My parents have several chairs and swings in their yard under shade trees. We all love to sit outside also. My yard doesn’t have any shade trees large enough to sit under, yet. All our trees are on the outskirts of our property, we built our house in a field, so we had to plant when we moved in. Thanks for the tour, God Bless.


  3. Beautiful beautiful pictures and homestead you have!!! I had to smile at the picture with the swing. We had the same wal-mart swing many years back and after the cloth gave out we put a wood swing on ours too. It made a handy new swing set 🙂
    Your supper sounded delicious!
    Many Blessings,
    Cary Ann


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