We have been working on peaches for a few days.  I think I mentioned that we saved the peelings and put them into the steam juicer.  Well, the above picture shows the 2 qts of juice we got from the peelings.  We had 2 gal. of peelings and got 2 1/2 qts of juice.  This will yield over a gal of peach juice.  YUM!  I definitely will do that again with our next batch of peaches. 

I picked about 1 gal. of blackberries this morning.  Pretty good for the first picking.  I am trying something new for us.  I am making blackberry syrup to use with pancakes, french toast, etc.  Have any of you ever made this?  It sounds good and sometimes I just want something different.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I have the blackberries on in the steam juicer now.  Julie and I went up to the cellar this morning and organized it.  I think “little green men” come along over the winter and just scatter all my canned goods.  Anyway, all is in order now and ready for the new cans to fill it up.  Grace worked inside doing household chores while Julie and I worked on the cellar.  Hubby worked on mowing the yard.  It has been a long time since he mowed.  It is just so hot and dry.  He thought it was starting to look a little wild. 

Well, time to check on the blackberries.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Donna, your peaches and peach juice look so good! The blackberry syrup sounds really yummy. I bet it will be good. You all sound busy today. I hope Grace’s bee sting is looking better and George’s too!


  2. Good Evening, dear…
    I love the look of those peaches and juice.. You must be so happy to get so much finished..
    Do you know what I make with my peach skins?
    Peach jelly and it is delicious… I don’t know if my recipe is here or at home….
    We won’t have peaches in the grocers at a decent price for another couple of weeks.. Some ladies told me today that they made strawberry jam yesterday…
    Slow, aren’t we? smile..
    Do you folks drink all the juice as is or do you add club soda or such?


  3. It all looks beautiful! I have made blueberry and peach syrup but not blackberry! Will you consider sharing the recipe?

    I have “little green men” that come and mess things up around here too. 🙂


  4. Hello, you all are sure staying busy. I have made blackberry syrup and it is yummy. I have also made a syrup that was mixed with blackberries and red raspberries(wine Berries) it was also very good. The blackberries here are mostly gone and I’m sad to say I missed out on the harvest this year. Also on the raspberries. But as the saying goes there is always next year,(and if I’m not here next year I don’t think I’ll miss the berries, 🙂 I have a lot of catching up to do on everyones blogs, I was tickled to see you have gotten your first egg! I’m still waiting:( Actually my oldest son heard one of the hens today and thought she had laid, but we checked and no egg. Hope to post some photos on my blog soon, so hope you stop by. God Bless


  5. The peach juice and peaches look great. I might just try that this year with my peaches. I have about another month till ours are ready. Everything is just so slow this year for us.

    Have a great evening with your family.



  6. I have never made blackberry syrup but I do have several quarts of blackberry juice out in the pantry that my momma put up last year and I bet it would work to make syrup out of. So I might just try that out and see.
    Your peaches look so pretty in your jars. Mine does not look too pretty for some reason. They float alot higher up in the jars even though I packed them in to the top. I wonder why? Are you gonna use them for cobblers during the winter? I bet the juice will be delicious. Sorry I could not be any help on the peach sauce recipe.
    Cary Ann


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