He Needs A Name


Well, we have decided to give Mr. Rooster a chance.  If he is a good boy, I guess we’ll keep him.  We all think he sounds so cute when he crows.  We have decided his crow adds a little something to our day.  Wow, we really DO need to get out more.  Anyway, we’ll see how it works out. 

Yesterday, we worked with blackberries.  We made some blackberry juice.  Then took the berries we had cooked down to make the juice and put them in the Roma sauce maker.  The sauce maker takes out all the seeds.  We then make blackberry freezer jam.  We had some blackberry puree left over and I wondered what I would do with it.  Then I thought HOMEMADE BLACKBERRY ICE CREAM!  It was so good.  I tried to take a picture to share with you all but I couldn’t get it to turn out right.    I got the recipe online at Cooks.com but altered it some to better suit us.  Anyway, here is the recipe I used:

2 cups blackberry puree, 2 cups sugar, 3 eggs beaten, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 6 cups milk, 1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk.  I mixed all the ingredients together and put it into the ice cream maker.  I plan on making peach ice cream this weekend when Dave, Jess and the boys come up. 

I went to work with Hubby this morning and helped him until lunchtime.  Then came home and the girls and I started working on the peaches.  We made some peach freezer jam and then canned some of the peaches.  We saved the peelings again and got 2 more qts of peach juice.  We also had a peach cobbler for supper.  I love peaches. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow as Sam and Daniel will be coming up to spend the day with us.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.

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  1. Your rooster is beautiful! I think his name should be Mayday or Buzzer. I think roosters sound like some kind of warning or alarm! 🙂 Our rooster, Barbecue, is going to live somewhere down in the field when he starts to crow. Maybe we could hatch some of your eggs.

    We love freezer jam best. Your blackberry ice cream sounds yummy.

    I hope to talk to you soon! Quentin is off on the 13th and we are going to Grayson Highlands. Do you all want to come too? There is a dog show from 1-3. Madison is entering Bambi in the costume contest as Scooby Doo. We can hike and picnic too.

    Have fun with Daniel and Sam tomorrow. I will try to call you early. Quentin has an appointment with a urologist at 9 tomorrow morning. His dr. was reviewing his scan from the emergency room and called him to say that his right kidney was enlarged and he needed to go 😦 Please pray there is no kidney damage. He doesn’t think his kidney is blocked anymore, but his doctor said the scan showed a 3mm stone and a 7mm stone. He has passed one of them.

    Wow, I really haven’t talked to you in a while 🙂


  2. Good Morning Donna.. Love your rooster.. I wish we had one… It would sound nice.. I must have to get out more too, smle..
    I can just imagine how good that ice cream was. Our blackberries still are not out.. Soon, though.
    Have a great day today with your family..


  3. He is a nice looking rooster. I do enjoy the crowing that our rooster, Rocky, does. You have been busy. Your ice cream sounds really good.

    Have a great day with your grandsons.



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