Pirate in Training

Sorry, I have no picture to share today.  We went down to Jessica’s yesterday for Daniel’s birthday party and I forgot to put the card in the camera, so no pictures.  He had a great party though.  At this point, pirates are very big in his world so he had a pirate party.  Now I’m getting ready to tell you what was (in my opinion) the best part of the party.  Jess had bought “pirate sword and shields” for all the kids at the party.  There was about 8 kids there.  They are all playing pirate and here comes Daniel with a sword and a shield for MawMaw.  “Come on, MawMaw, we got pirates to get”.  So here we go around the house with our swords and shields ready.  I am sneak attacked by a pirate.  I said to Daniel, “help, I’m under attack!”  Here he comes, so serious.  “Don’t worry, MawMaw.  I’ll save you”.  Now how cool is that.  All those kids to play with and he wanted to play with MawMaw.  God is so good.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. You know our “blood thirsty” Daniel loves his Maw Maw. Did you get a chance to see the rain boots you got him? He’s had them what …a month and he’s worn them so much they look like they are 3 years old !


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